Anshuman Singh, MD

Kaiser Permanente San Diego

San Diego, California

   Dr. Singh practices at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, serving as a tertiary referral for complex upper extremity issues for a large population. His clinical expertise comprises the spectrum of shoulder and elbow procedures from arthroscopy, arthroplasty, reconstruction, and tendon transfer.

  As an active participant in a shoulder arthroplasty registry, Dr. Singh seeks to research and institutionalize best practices for shoulder care in a large population. In addition, Dr. Singh is an Associate Professor at UC San Diego and serves as a clinical lead of the Shoulder Research Workgroup.


   With a background in molecular biology and a grasp of current clinical concepts, he adds a patient-oriented context to the scientific questions. This group has elucidated the deleterious biomechanical, histological, physiological and genetic changes that follow rotator cuff tear with the goal of improving patient outcomes for this common condition.


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